FANDOM Secondary Crash Net (SCN). AMOPS section must have SCN activation capability with an additional extension to provide immediate access by other personnel on-duty, monitoring and training purposes. All agencies on the SCN will be on lines dedicated to the dissemination of emergency information that affects airfield or aircraft operations. The SCN may be a separate telephone or integrated into a multi-line call center. The telephone must be equipped with a visual feature that activates as each two-way party on the SCN picks up the handset. All agencies on the SCN must use a noise reduction feature such as push-to-talk handsets or Confidencor (Trademark of National Communications Inc.) that filters out background noise. The SCN is limited to agencies requiring emergency action/response to aircraft incidents/ mishaps. As a minimum, the SCN agencies include: Fire Department. Weather. CE Readiness. Hospital/Medical Treatment Facility. Command Post. Civil Engineering. Security Forces. Requests for additions/deletions (excluding those listed in paragraph to SCN must be coordinated through the AFM and forwarded to the OSS/CC for approval/disapproval. Determine talk back or listen only capability for approved additions as warranted in justification. The total number allowed on the SCN must not exceed the capacity of the system or minimize signal strength and quality. Test the SCN daily and backup procedures at least quarterly. Document test results on the AF IMT 3616. Unless testing, only activate the SCN to relay emergency situations that are critical to the safety and security of airfield/flight operations. Emergency situations requiring activation of the SCN are as follows: Hazardous weather warnings. IFEs. GEs. Force Protection Condition (FPCON) levels. Disaster Response Force (DRF) activations/recalls. Bomb threats or terrorist activities. As requested by the EOC Director to support Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) outlined in AFI 10-2501. The installation CEMP 10-2 provides comprehensive guidance for emergency response to physical threats resulting from major accidents, natural disasters, conventional attacks, terrorist attack, and CBRN attacks. AMOPS section is the primary activation authority of the SCN. When mission requirements dictate, an additional SCN may be installed/activated by another agency provided a LOA exists between AM and the other agency. Operating procedures will be clear, concise on whom the activation authority is, and when the SCN is used. Regardless of activation authority, the SCN will be operated and maintained in accordance with this AFI.[1]


  1. AFI13-213

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