Clear Zone Mandatory Frangibility Zone (MFZ)Edit

For the USAF and Army, a MFZ extends through the land use control area to the end of the clear zone if on property owned or controlled by the USAF or Army, or to the base boundary if an avigation easement does not exist. Items that must be sited there due to their function must be made frangible to the maximum extent possible (see Appendix B, Section 13). Items that cannot be made frangible (such as highway guard rails) but must be located within this area for urgent and compelling reasons must be waived by the MAJCOM in accordance with Appendix B, Section 1, before they are constructed. This is to ensure that all alternatives are considered before non-frangible structures are sited within this area. See AFI 32-7063, paragraph 4.1, regarding acquiring “a real property interest in fee or through appropriate restrictive easements over all land within the clear zones….” Interaction with property owners whose land falls within the mandatory area of frangibility is encouraged. Owners should be encouraged to make items in these areas frangible where practicable.[1]


  1. UFC 3-260-01

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