AMSL (Airfield Management Operations Shift Lead)


Military personnel must hold AFSC 1C751, as a minimum. Note: In accordance with AFI 36-2618, The Enlisted Force Structure Airmen will not use "Supervisor" in the duty title unless they are at least a SrA, graduated ALS, and supervise the work of others. For Airmen that do not meet AFI 36-2618 requirements, use “Airfield Management Shift Lead (AMSL)” as an interim duty title.


Military personnel must complete the following training requirements (if not previously completed) prior to assuming the AMOS position. DoD Civilians are authorize up to 6 months to complete the following training requirements if not previously completed. Contract personnel refer to Chapter 1. AM-03 and AM-04 PCGs. Airfield Criteria, Airfield Inspection and Maintenance, Wildlife Hazard Management, Airfield Driving and AM Contingency Operations CBTs. Note: Completion of AM Contingency CBT is not applicable to DoD Civilians. Local Qualification Training (AF IMT 797, Job Qualification Standard). Completion of the following courses are highly recommended for an AMOS or civilian equivalent. See Attachment 1 for a description of each course. American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) Basic Airport Safety and Operations Specialist School. AAAE Advanced Airport Safety and Operations Specialist School.

Responsibilities.Edit Maintains situational awareness of airfield activities and overall responsibility for AMOPS section while on duty. Serves as the AFM’s representative during emergency response situations and during non-duty hours. 28 AFI13-213 29 JANUARY 2008 Assesses airfield operations/situations, determines operational requirements and imposes airfield restrictions as needed (e.g., closing/suspending operations on aprons, taxiways and runways). Briefs AM personnel on emergency and operational activities. Conducts and documents a shift change briefing prior to signing off-duty. Conducts airfield inspections and checks. Performs Airfield Management Operations Coordinator duties as required to support airfield/flying operations.[1]


  1. AFI13-213

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