AMOC (Airfield Management Operations Coordinator)


Military personnel must hold AFSC 1C751, as a minimum. The AFM’s may approve use of a fully qualified 3-skill level as an AMOC. A fully qualified 3-skill level is defined as an individual that has completed all local, upgrade and qualification training requirements and is only awaiting time requirements outlined in AFI 36-2201, Volume 3 for the award of the 5-skill level. Note: The AFM’s approval to use a fully qualified 3-skill level must be documented in the individual’s training record. Civilian personnel refer to Chapter 1.


Military personnel must complete the following training requirements (if not previously completed) prior to assuming the AMOC position. DoD Civilians are authorize up to 6 months to complete the following training requirements if not previously completed. Contract personnel refer to Chapter 1. AM-04 PCG. Airfield Criteria, Airfield Inspection and Maintenance, Wildlife Hazard Management, Airfield Driving and AM Contingency Operations CBTs. Note: Completion of AM Contingency CBT is not applicable to DoD Civilians. Local Qualification Training (AF IMT 797, Job Qualification Standard). Completion of the following courses are highly recommended for an AMOC or civilian equivalent. See Attachment 1 for a description of each course. AAAE Basic Airport Safety and Operations Specialist School. AAAE Advanced Airport Safety and Operations Specialist School.

ResponsibilitiesEdit Monitors and coordinates airfield and aircraft activities. Conducts airfield checks. Processes flight plans and other air traffic related data through the national and international air traffic systems. Provides flight following services and initiate appropriate actions when aircraft are overdue. Maintain and process NOTAMs. AFI13-213 29 JANUARY 2008 29 Maintain a record of daily events on AF IMT 3616, Daily Record of Facility Operations. Executes OIs and QRCs necessary to perform AM duties and responds to situations requiring immediate action. Provide transient aircrew and aircraft support to include processing Prior Permission Required (PPR) requests; coordinating parking areas; receiving, storing and issuing classified material, and coordinating aircrew transportation. Provides briefings to base and transient aircrews on relevant airfield operations and restrictions. Maintains the flight planning room equipment, maps, displays and publications.[1]


  1. AFI13-213

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